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Water is the lifeblood of agriculture and your water right should assure you are able to use it. Agricultural producers throughout the Northwest are in a battle to keep their water. Rising costs of doing business, increased government regulations on endangered species and water quality, special interests and water shortages in both rural and municipal areas are raising the premium on water resources.

Water for Life, Inc is a non-profit organization formed in 1990 to address the legislative and legal avenues of protecting agricultural water rights and keeping agricultural producers in business. Our programs and policies seek to develop realistic solutions to water related issues while protecting the producer’s rights.

The only way to insure that agricultural water rights are protected is to have a strong, knowledgeable voice in Salem during the 2013 legislative session. Water for Life is that voice, but we need your donation to help us raise $50,000 to support these efforts. In other words, Water for Life is looking out and standing up for agricultural water rights and we ask you to take a stand with us and show your support by donating today. Send your contribution to: Water for Life, PO Box 4233 – Salem, Oregon 97302

Kyle Merino


  • Defeated numerous proposals that would grant irrigation districts ownership or additional control over patrons’ water rights.
  • Defeated numerous bills for mandatory water measurement.
  • Defeated passage of legislation that would have created a $100 per year tax on all water rights in Oregon.
  • Passage of HB 2753 in 1995 to exempt small reservoirs from water right certification requirements.
  • Passage of legislation to make fish screening cost share program permanent and provide funding for the program.

Future Challenges

  • Irrigation districts’ efforts to pass legislation to allow districts to exercise unilateral control or ownership over the water rights of district patrons.
  • Oregon Water Resources Dept. curtailing new groundwater permits based on potential connectivity to surface water more than one mile from the well.
  • Defeat of proposals designed to afford instream water rights additional protection.
  • Ensuring fish screening cost share program remains viable for agricultural water users.

Suggested Contributions

  • 1,000+ irrigated acres
  • $1,000
  • 500-1,000 irrigated acres
  • $500
  • Under 500 irrigated acres
  • $100
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