2013-2014 Water For Life Board Members

Kyle Marino


Kyle has been actively involved with Livestock and Ranching Communities most of his life. He came to Water For Life thru members of those communities expressing concern of what was happening to their personal water rights impacting their livelihoods. As Kyle has stated the one reason he became so involved was " Because my future and the future of Agriculture depends on water and the issues that surround it". Since then he has been on the board for 4 years and the current President for 3 years. Kyle is also a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. When not out driving the county fighting to protect your water rights his favorite hobby or down time events are around hunting and fishing.

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    Source 1 Livestock Supply LLC

Matt Cyrus


Matt has been involved in Water For Life for many, many years as a member and past president. He currently is the Vice- President of Issues on the board. Their family homestead near Sisters, is in the Squaw Creek Irrigation district to which they currently have over 120 acres of hay. Matt is a partner in Triple C Farms and Aspen Lakes Golf Course. We are not sure where he finds all the time but he is also is the President of the Deschutes County Farm Bureau, Vice-President of Oregon Family Farm Association, Board Member of Oregonians in Action, Captain of the Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Dept. And Committee Chair for the local Boy Scout Troop.

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  • 541-549-6947

  • Matt@aspenlakes.com

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    Triple C Farms

Rex Barber

Secretarty/ Treasurer

Rex has been on the board of Water for Life for over 20 years. He became involved with this group as he could see there was bad department policy developing and that there was a need for a statewide group to help preserve Ag water rights. You can find Rex in the field as he is involved in Wheat, Hay and Vegetable seed crops. He is also involved in the Oregon Wheat League, OFS and OIA. When harvest comes to a end Rex enjoys hunting and fishing.

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  • bigfalls@cbbmail.com

Glenn Barrett

Board Member

Glenn has been on the board for over 14 years now and has always been in some sort of officer position. He is involved in the beef industry in Klamath Falls area with his wife and 2 children. Glenn has been involved with many other groups including Oregon Cattlemen Association committee member, NCBA committee member, Nebraska Cattlemen member, NWI member, KCA member, Hatfield working group, Klamath Watershed Council, Clover Watershed Council, LVID.
In Glenn’s downtime he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family.

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  • 541-545-1210

  • barrett1@earthlink.net

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    Barrett Livestock

Jeff Kropf

Board Member

Former State Represenative Jeff Kropf is a fifth generation Oregon farmer from the Halsey/Harrisburg area of the Willamette Valley now residing in Sublimity Oregon. He is a former irrigator, water rights holder and darms grass seed kn both Halsey and Sublimity. Durning his 4 House of Representives terms, he was chairman of the House Agriculture Committee over a four year period dealing with many water rights issues.

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  • jkropf@wvi.com

Fred Otley

Board Member

Board member information coming soon......

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  • 541-493-2702

  • fredotley@hotmail.com

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    Otley Ranch

Curtis Martin

Board Member

Board member information coming soon ........

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  • 541-898-2558

  • vprchnp@eoni.com

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Mark Ward

Board Member

Mark has ben involved with our board for over 6 years now, and as a landowner and irrigator for over 25 years. He farms potatoes, peppermint and wheat outside of Baker City Oregon. Mark is very active in our community and statewide with many different organizations including those listed here, Farm Credit Services, OCA, Oregon Wheat Growers League, Baker Valley Irrigation District, Malheur Potato Bargaining Association, Settlers Slough Irrigators, Mark also enjoys to travel, auto racing and golf in his down time.

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  • 541-523-7546

  • mark.wardranches@gmail.com

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    Ward Ranches

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